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Coin Master Tips And Tricks – Checkout Beginner’s Guide

Many individuals are engaged in playing the Coin Master using Coin Master Hack. Some individuals are become a master of game and achieve the objectives quickly by putting lots of efforts. On the other hand, some are at the beginner level and do not have complete knowledge about it.

For these types of players, it becomes more important to understand the game and its tips & tricks. On the basis of all these factors, you can easily know that how play it effectively and get a quick success.

Tips for playing

  • Daily login

Everyone needs to make sure that they are logging in the game account on a daily basis. It can help the players in gathering the daily rewards. It does not matter you want to play or not. You should login account at once in a day. Missing the opportunity of claiming the daily bonus is not less than a stupidity.

  • Create connection with Facebook

In case anyone is interested in making lots of fun by playing it then he/she can connect game with Facebook account. Getting connected with Facebook can help you in accessing the friend list and enjoy game elements with them. Another major factor is related to the rewards. Now I’m going to mention some details related to the reward system.

  • First of all, gamer will get 50 spins when accounts get connected
  • If we talk about the reward of coins then the account is becoming 100K and it can be claimed once in lifetime
  • The game progress can be saved on the Facebook. Here, you can start playing game from similar level if you uninstall it or change the device. For such a task, you need to connect game with Facebook account again only and complete progress gets restored.
  • After creating the connection, you are able to invite other friends for playing the game with ease.
  • It also becomes easier to send gift cards to the friends. With it, the chat feature is activated.

These are some major benefits.

  • Upgrade the village

Whenever anyone gets a good amount of coins in the account then he/she needs to upgrade the village first. Upgrading the village is becoming useful in several ways such as – getting success. Some ones are trying to gather a big amount of coins first by which they can upgrade the complete village in one go.

You should not make such mistake and do not keep coins at village when you are going offline. Try to spend the funds as more possible the village.

  • Get shield

In case the account is available with lots of coins then the players should choose the option of shield. It is the only option that can keep the coins safe. It does not possible that you will get shield when you want. Here, the interested ones can consider the in-app purchases. By accessing such feature, you can buy the shield without any kind of issue. Try to keep village and coins safe as more you canw. 

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