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Episode – Choose Your Story – A Detailed Version to Go Through!

Episode – Choose Your Story is top-class production of Episode Interaction, and its size varies from device to device. It is a simulation-based game, or you can say the game about which you are discussing here is the best story related game. In the same game, players are provided with lots of different and classic stories. All the stories which are present in the game depend on the theme Love, Drama, Romance, Magic, Horror, and adventure, etc.

Players of Episode – Choose Your Story to have to choose any one story in the starting of the game and then play or complete story to move on to the next story in it easily. In the game, players are provided with various live stories which they have to complete as to play Episode – Choose Your Story in an appropriate manner. Not only is this, in the same game there are various other classic features present in it. Some attractive features are as follows –

  • In-app purchases – It is a good feature that is present in the game. Via the same feature players easily get anything in it by spending their real-life money. Some of the main things which players can buy with the help of in-app purchases are like the in-game currency, other useful rewards and many more things in it. Other players is using Episode – Choose Your Story hack to avoid this feature.
  • Lots of stories in it – In Episode – Choose Your Story, players are offered with thousands of new and classic stories in it. These stories depend on love, romance, horror and adventure and many more.
  • Various events, objectives, and challenges – it is another good and classic feature of Episode – Choose Your Story. In it, there are lots of interesting events present in which players have to take participate and then complete them properly. With the events, players have to complete more numbers of challenges and objectives.

These are some classic features present in Episode – Choose Your Story. The reasons for the success of the game are all reasons.

Types of in-game currency

In Episode – Choose Your Story there are various types of in-game currency present. The main types of in-game currency are mentioned down, and about them, all players should know –

  • The major or you can say the main type of currency in Episode – Choose Your Story is the passes. It is essential for the players to have passes in a good amount. Players have to earn passes in a good amount as to unlock more and more stories in it.
  • Another major type of in-game currency which is present in the game is gems. Players require a good amount of currency as to go far in it. The gems are used to unlock more and more stories in Episode – Choose Your Story.

Therefore, these are some two major or main types of currency which are present in Episode – Choose Your Story. Finally, players have to learn and follow all the things which are mentioned above to play Episode – Choose Your Story properly.

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