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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Explains all classes, perks and skills

4 classes to release the game

Before you start with the action in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you choose one of four starter classes in the game, which you gradually improve to maximum level 10. Each class has passive base skills and specific gadgets designed to promote a certain style of play. You can change the class any time, but the character level is not transferred.

  1. Sharpshooter
  2. Panther
  3. Assault
  4. Field-Medic


Sharpshooter is a classic sniper that uses ranged weapons and gadgets to eliminate enemies from a safe distance.

Technique: Armor Buster. Ammo with high penetration, bonus damage and speed.

Item: Sensor Launcher. This marks enemies in a large area.

Abilities: Better breathing control while aiming, additional bonus in sniper rifles.


Panther is a melee class that relies on stealth and speed to infiltrate bases undetected.

Technique: Cloak&Run. Makes yourself invisible in the smoke.

Item: Cloaking Spray. Apply to your own character to become invisible to drones.

Skills: Bonus for health, faster pace, mufflers do not reduce the damage of SMG’s and pistols.


Assault is the classic attacker who relies on full weapon power.

Technique: True Grit. Reduced weapon recoil and higher damage resistance to shelling. Kills charge your own energy.

Item: Gas Grenade. Causes damage over time.

Abilities: Extra health, bonuses for assault rifles and shotguns.

Field Medic

The Field Medic also relies on weapons, but his greatest strengths are the healing of himself and comrades, which is why he is a classic support class.

Technique: Healing Drone. Heals and invigorates teammates again.

Item: medic kit heals injuries and gives extra life energy.

Abilities: Faster resuscitation, faster transport of bodies, can revive itself.

Acquire the skills

Various activities in the game (both multi-player and single-player modes) give you skill points over time that you can gradually unlock in the skill tree. There are several types of skills that are grouped into categories and you can choose between to specialize your ghost:

  • Passive Abilities: once unlocked, they buff your character forever
  • Perks: unique improvements, you have a maximum of three slots for Perks available, you can mix at will
  • Skills: These include gadgets that you need to unlock first in order to use them throughout
  • Consumables: Consumables and gadgets you can buy or craft in the shop

All available Skills


  • Experience Upgrade (Passive): + 20% XP bonus for promotions
  • Parachute (Ability): Equips a parachute
  • Night Vision (Ability): Equip a night vision device
  • Close & Personal (Perk): + 15% faster reload, + 10% agility, speed and agility in aiming


  • Maximum Ammo (Passive): + 25% increased ammo capacity
  • Better Dismantle (ability): Gets more pieces when disassembling weapons
  • Pack Mule (Perk): + 40% maximum ammo capacity, + 10% ammo found
  • Pistol (Perk): + 15% faster reload for pistols, + 20% increased damage for pistols


  • Sixth Sense (Perk): + 25m increased radius, where enemies are automatically marked
  • Slim Shadow (Perk): +50 stealth points, better camouflage and easier descent
  • Sensor Hack (Perk): + 10% damage to drones, bonus damage to drones, reduced on bosses, + 40% harder to spot for drones
  • Sync shot Drone (Consumable): Gadget that can be used to switch off several enemies at the same time


  • Breaching Torch (Consumable): gadget for burning holes in fences
  • Explosive Mk. 2 (Consumable): Improved versions of C4, hand grenades and mines. Increased damages and radius.
  • Explosive Expert (Perk): + 20% blast radius, + 20% blast damage, + 40% cast
  • Shop Clearance (Consumables) are 50% off in the shop
  • EMP Grenades (Consumable): Temporarily disturbs drones in the environment
  • Item Capacity (Passive): +1 slot for all items except syringes and class specific items
  • Drone Scavenger (Ability): Gets more pieces of destroyed drones


  • Adrenaline (Perk): A melee kill regenerates a piece of life energy
  • Guerrilla (Perk): + 10% damage resistance on shotgun hits, + 20% faster regeneration
  • Healing Pouch (passive): +1 slot for spraying
  • Syringe MK. 2 (Consumable): faster healing of injuries
  • Feel No Pain (Perk): no more critical condition, + 25% damage resistance
  • Twig (Perk): -30% damage resistance, -30% regeneration delay, + 10% faster regeneration
  • Healing Pouch (Passive)


  • Burst Forth (Perk): + 10% pace, + 75% faster stamina regeneration
  • Stamina Rain Speed (Passive): + 20% faster stamina regeneration
  • Ration level 2 or 3 (Consumable): Crafted improved rations in Bivouac, with enhanced effects and longer duration
  • Tireless (Passive): -20% Stamina Wear
  • Mountaineer (Passive): + 75% skid control, reduced endurance wear while slipping
  • Water Filter (Passive): Water filter allows filling of water in the sump and salt water, +2 slots of water capacity
  • Speed Climber (Passive): + 20% faster hill climbing


  • Skill Points (Passive): + 10% Skill Points, more reward on Kills and in Ghost War mode
  • Armory Upgrade (Ability): Better weapon selection in the shop
  • Helicopter Sale (ability): helicopter in the shop
  • Armor Vehicles (Ability): Heavy and armed vehicles in the shop


  • Drone Hunter (Perk): Energy regeneration while destroying a drone
  • Convoy Upgrade (Ability): Obtain better equipment and weapons from convoys
  • Specialized Item Carrier (Passive):+1 slot for class items
  • Technique Accelerant (Passive): -10% class cooldown, technology regenerates faster
  • Revivalist (Perk): After a companion was downed: + 20% pace&+ 40% damage resistance
  • Inspired (Perk): Energy regeneration in kills by comrades


  • Ballistic Advantage (Perk): + 40% shot range, + 20% accuracy
  • Iron Lungs (Passive): + 100% respiratory control, more time in aiming and swimming
  • Gunslinger (Perk): For each hit: +15 points accuracy and stability & +15 points handling on aiming and reloading
  • Rolling thunder (Perk): For sniper rifles: + 20% damage, + 20% damage to drones, bonus damage to drones, lower to raid bosses


  • Intel grenade (Consumable): Gadget that marks enemies in the area
  • Resources Detection: Crafting resources are displayed on the mini-map
  • Recon Mastery (Perk): For each enemy marked with the Drone: -10% Tech Cooldown, +40 XP
  • Thermal Vision (Ability): Equip thermal vision device
  • Drone Speed: + 20% drone speed
  • Drone Cooldown (drone upgrade): -50% Drone Cooldown
  • Drone mark area: + 50% increased drone marking radius, enemies are easier to mark
  • Drone range: + 20% drone range
  • Drone visions: Equips Drone with Night Vision and Thermal Imaging modes

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